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Affiliate Partner Program

The Affiliate Partner Program at Institute of Indian Weddings invites partners with proven leadership skills, commitment to educational excellence and a strong willingness to deliver on IIW’s promise of a quality educational experience. Affiliate Partners must demonstrate satisfactory managerial and business acumen, including an aptitude for successfully running educational services, interacting with students, faculty and operational staff. Prior educational service based experience is highly recommended. Applicants must also be committed to the advancement and growth of their business and have access to capital for marketing and support services.

IIW is currently accepting applications for Affiliate Partners who are interested in pursuing opportunities through the marketing of IIW’s Certificate Programs. IIW gives priority to existing educational service providers who wish to offer Certificate Programs in Event Management. If you are interested in Affiliate Partner opportunities with IIW you may request a Prospective Affiliates Application by contacting us. After reviewing your application, and if there are potential affiliate opportunities in your country or geographic region, we will provide more details on the Affiliate Program Agreement terms and conditions. The information on this website does not constitute an offer, and is primarily provided as information for prospective Affiliate Partners.